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What npm Can Learn from Go

npm and Go

This is cross-posted from the Hardfin engineering blog.

As programming language ecosystems evolve, they learn from each other. When this happens we all benefit from more useful features, patterns, libraries, and tools. A core part of a programming language ecosystem — packaging — can be a source of pain, e.g. from …

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Emulating RDS Permissions with Terraform

Terraform, PostgreSQL and RDS

This is cross-posted from the Hardfin engineering blog.

At Hardfin, we use AWS RDS for managed PostgreSQL instances to simplify our infrastructure and focus on product. For the most part, RDS is "just PostgreSQL" and acts like the PostgreSQL instances that we run on our development machines. Unfortunately, it differs …

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Epitaph: Blend

Auf Wiedersehen


I recently made the very hard decision to leave Blend. Today (March 4, 2022) is my last day. I am overwhelmed with emotion thinking about all of the amazing people I worked with and projects I worked on at Blend. I want to thank you all from the bottom …