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Constantly Seek Criticism

I was recently catching up on articles and videos I'd been putting off and came across a great quote from Elon Musk:

A well thought out critique ... is as valuable as gold. And you should seek that from everyone you can, but particularly your friends ... It doesn't mean ...

Brand New Blog

After a happy 3-year run with Blogger, I've decided to revamp my blog with viewers in mind.


When I started my blog, I was still learning the ropes as a programmer. I was happy to have a place to share the things I learned, but didn't have ...

Quantitative Brain Teaser: Brain Only

I've recently been working some atrophied mental muscles and came across a brain teaser that was pretty nifty:

Find a 10-digit number, where each digit represents the number of that ordinal number in the whole number. So, the first digit represents the number of 0's in the whole ...

Math for Humans, A Second Attempt

The morning after posting my latest blog post, I woke up still thinking about how to explain the concept.

More importantly, I realized that my goal of writing math for humans failed miserably.

So here is a second go at it.

First we're told we're in a world ...