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How Does Go Compute a Logarithm

About a year ago, I was reading the Go source for computing log(x)\log(x) and was very surprised by the implementation.1

Even three years into a PhD in Applied Math (i.e. numerics), I still managed to learn something by diving in and trying …

Newton's (Method's) Failure

Finding zeros of any old function is a common task, and using Newton's method is one of the best tools for carrying out this task. I've even written an old post that used this method.

However, Newton's method loses some of it's luster around repeated roots. Consider the iteration

x …

An Interesting Bug

A fairly common interview question is

What is the "hardest" bug you've dealt with?

I've both asked it and answered it in interviews. It's pretty rare that the answer is useful and actionable, but I'll hold off on commenting on the state of the art in tech interviews today. (Usually …

Constantly Seek Criticism

I was recently catching up on articles and videos I'd been putting off and came across a great quote from Elon Musk:

A well thought out critique ... is as valuable as gold. And you should seek that from everyone you can, but particularly your friends ... It doesn't mean your friends …