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A blog by Danny Hermes; musing on tech, mathematics, etc.

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  • Danny manages to be relaxed, funny, and watchable AND very knowledgeable about the material AND a stickler about teaching it AND good at explaining it clearly and quickly. This is a combination of strengths so rare around here that I thought it was mythical. (Student, UC Berkeley Math 128A, Fall 2017)
  • Danny is highly prepared, available, and helpful. His jokes kept the class entertained, while his coding kept the class engaged. Moreover, his anecdotes about numerical analysis showed the class that he had genuine interest in the subject. (Student, UC Berkeley Math 128A, Spring 2017)
  • He's prepared, willing to answer questions, frank (a good kind of frank), and knowledgeable. I particularly enjoy the way he incorporates practical examples and presents interpretations of the concepts, most of lecture was derivations, so Danny's practical examples helped ground things, and his interpretations were a boon to understand the often boring and complex derivations that we were presented during class. (Student, UC Berkeley Math 128A, Fall 2016)