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Where have I been?

Well, it's been a bit crazy and I haven't written a blog post in ages. I have several brewing, but had just been too busy at work (and a ton of travel for personal fun) to really have the excess time to write.

This return post will not have much content but will announce that I'm a big boy now.

In the 1.6.3 release of the App Engine SDK (and hence runtime), three nifty changes of mine were included. Two of them even made the Release Notes:

  • Code that inherits from the deferred library's TaskHandler can now define custom handling of exceptions.
  • Fixed an issue so that a deferred task retries like a push queue task when using the SingularTaskFailure exception:

In addition, the one that was most confusing to fix didn't make it into any set of Release Notes, but I "closed" the issue that I originally opened on StackOverflow. Checkout the diff to see the details. I'll follow up with a summary of each of the fixes in a later post.