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Installing Python on OS X

Caveat: I stopped using a Mac for my development machine way back in the fall of 2014. You probably shouldn't listen to me.

What Not to Do

The first rule of using Python on any operating system: don't use system Python. The OS relies on that Python, including the packages …

An Interesting Bug

A fairly common interview question is

What is the "hardest" bug you've dealt with?

I've both asked it and answered it in interviews. It's pretty rare that the answer is useful and actionable, but I'll hold off on commenting on the state of the art in tech interviews today. (Usually …

Reverse Calculating An Interest Rate

I was recently playing around with some loan data and only happened to have the term (or length, or duration) of the loan, the amount of the recurring payment (in this case monthly) and the remaining principal owed on the loan. I figured there was an easy way to get …

Where have I been?

Well, it's been a bit crazy and I haven't written a blog post in ages. I have several brewing, but had just been too busy at work (and a ton of travel for personal fun) to really have the excess time to write.

This return post will not have much …

Handling errors in Google App Engine...and failing

After spending a nontrivial amount of my nights and weekends working on an App Engine app, I wanted a good way to monitor the logs without checking in on them every day. After a particularly frustrating weekend of updates that exposed unnoticed bugs that had yet to be triggered by …