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Quantitative Brain Teaser: Brain Only

I've recently been working some atrophied mental muscles and came across a brain teaser that was pretty nifty:

Find a 10-digit number, where each digit represents the number of that ordinal number in the whole number. So, the first digit represents the number of 0's in the whole 10 digits …

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Math for Humans, A Second Attempt

The morning after posting my latest blog post, I woke up still thinking about how to explain the concept.

More importantly, I realized that my goal of writing math for humans failed miserably.

So here is a second go at it.

First we're told we're in a world where 85 …

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Bayes' Law Primer

I'm currently writing a blog post that uses Bayes' Law but don't want to muddy the post with a review in layman's terms. So I have something to link, here is a short description and a chance to flex my teaching muscles before the school year starts.

Bayes' Law

For …

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Trigonometry and Nested Radicals

Early last month, I was chatting with one of my officemates about a curious problem I had studied in high school. I hadn't written any of the results down, so much of the discussion involved me rediscovering the results and proving them with much more powerful tools than I once …